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Vail App for WP7


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Engadget just posted on this:



Things may have been looking bleak for Microsoft's upcoming version of Windows Home Server, dubbed "Vail," when HP announced that it was dropping the OS in favor of WebOS last month, but Microsoft has now given it a boost of confidence that should put any rumors of its death to rest. The company is showing off an add-in for Vail that will let you manage alerts on your Windows Phone 7 phone, access media stored on your home server, and in turn send pictures stored on your phone to your server (but not other media, apparently). Still no firm word on a release, but Microsoft says it will available "soon." Hit up the source link below for Microsoft's complete walkthrough of the app. Source: Engadget


My HD7 is standing by. Does this compel anyone to move towards WP7?


Edit: Added link

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Guest no-control

I dumped my HD7 I was using for testing. I'm waiting for WP7 to come to Verizon. Didn't see anything at CES which was I was concerned about. Hopefully the VZ phones will be Gen2 with LTE. But I do like this app idea.

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I've been using the WP7 for 3 weeks now and I'll tell you it really, really rocks. Of course the obvious comparison is the iPhone which I have some, but limited experience. For me the WP7 blows it out of the water. I say this from a practical, functional, usability point of view. Of course the iPhone has more apps (the WP7 already has an amazing number of app so fare) and I think there may be more, better quality apps but I think it is astounding how fast WP7 apps are being written.


The WHS Vail app looks phenomenal and I can't wait. As we know of course it will require Vail and wont work with V1


I'm the odd ball out in the WHS community. I'm fully committed to WHS and I can't wait for the final version of Vail even without :o DE.

Having used WHS since the day it came out I know its value very well and I'm excited about the new features in Vail that I think a lot of people have forgotten about in the upset about the removal of DE.


I don't believe that MS will leave us with nothing in the area of drive management - but to find our own RAID solution. I also believe there are a lot of DE related features that can be done in other ways, shapes or forms. MS will not just leave us with the basic disk manager and a bunch of drive letters.


And those functions I want from Vail are the ones that make the WP7 app possible so you can't say Vail doesn't give us anything if it doesn’t have DE.


Just a reminder:


Vail will give us - Much, much better remote access, remote & local streaming now based on Silverlight with AJAX support and what I hear is an unbelievable good/open software development kit (SDK).

And to use with that just a ton of new audio and video format support.

Some of these driven by requirement of its full DLNA comparability and which also gives us Microsofts “Play To”.

All made easier with HomeGroup support and all that will come out of that.

Of course back ups of the backups out of the box rather then a add-on.

The new dashboard and launch pad with its SDK and all that will come out of that.

And lets not forget 64 bit, it's power and the addition RAM we can now add which will be important now that we can stream here, there and everywhere. In the house and out of the house.


I'm very excited by Vail

and the original point “ The WHS – WP7 app”


Ted Bowland

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