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1220L Xeon Upgrade


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Dear HomeServerShow:


I just upgraded my CPU from a 1610T to a 1220L. All is going well, but I noticed fan speed has increase from like 10-14% to 14%-18%. I am wondering if someone else who upgraded is seeing the same just to rule out that I applied thermal paste wrong, screwed up heatsink install or something like that. I was expecting more or less (or even lower) fan speed as this CPU has a TDP of 20W, and the 1610T had 35W.


Thanks a lot!

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Check your BIOS version. It shall be minimum 2015.11.02(A) (24 Oct 2016). The following is announced for this version:


Enhancements/New Features:

Added support for Intel Xeon E3-1220 v2 processors. Previous revisions of the System ROM should NOT be used with this processor as they did not support an appropriate thermal solution for it.


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