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OMV openmediavault on HPE MicroServer Gen10


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I am a novice when it comes to OMV, so bear with me as I learn. Hopefully this will be the start of a thread on running OMV on the MicroServer Gen10.
The MS Gen10 I am testing with is a x3421 CPU with 32GB of memory, running BIOS ZA10A360. I will install the OS on a 180GB Intel SSD connected to the ODD SATA port. I have four 2TB SATA drives for storage. The Marvell SATA controller is set to AHCI. It is best to clean/wipe all of your drives before testing
I am running OMV version 4.1.3
I used Etcher.io as recommended by OMV resources to create a bootable USB stick to install OMV from. I could not get this stick to boot on the MS Gen10. I tried different USB sticks. I tried Rufus to create the image, but it would not boot. I changed the MS Gen10 from UEFI to Legacy Boot and everything installed fine. After getting OMV installed on the SSD and booted, I tried switching back to UEFI, but the server would not boot. I have set the boot to Legacy for the rest of my testing. If any more experienced users have input on the UEFI issue, please jump in. Searching the web has shown that others have had issues booting or installing OMV on UEFI on other systems as well.
After I was comfortable, that OMV was running properly, I went to log on from another system using the Web Control Panel interface to configure OMV. Unfortunately, locally OMV was showing no network connection was available. I logged onto the local machine, the MS Gen10, as root and found the network was active and retrieved the IP address. From the remote PC I was able to ping the IP address and log into the Web Control Panel. The OMV documentation is listed here:
Using RAID management in OMV, I am running the four drives in RAID10 for testing. Basic network configuration is working fine. 
More to follow as I test plugins and other functions. If there are things you would like me to test please let me know.
As I said at the start I am a OMV novice, if you are a OMV fan please contribute.  

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Hey, I am about to get a gen 10. (I have a ml10v2 atm - with esxi, pfsense and a few dev vm's).

I am a bit lost atm to how to configure this up.. as esxi apparently isnt supported, but googling reveals 6.5 and older versions work fine..


I recently stumbled on omv.. so am more of a newbie on omv than yourself! I have a few basic questions.. hope you dont mind..

1. What is your host OS?

-->I can install esxi (as mentioned above) - but have also been advised by smarter than people than myself than installing windows 10 and then using vmworkstation (yes both need licenses) works nicely.

I basically want a small dev box, and i like pfsense to secure it.. and will have a few vms.. wouldnt mind trying to setup a plex server in one of them (nice to have).


2. I have played with zfs in the past, and did have openindiana running a while ago.. apparently omv "supports" zfs.. but wandering how easy/hard it would be to present the disks to the host OS on the gen 10.. open ended questions.. I remember i had to use raw disk mapping on my older nl40.. but its been ages. So I guess my question is.. have you read up much on omv, zfs and this gen10?


3. My big gap is i am more on the software side - and my h/w fu is non-existent.. I have "SAS" drives.. should they be plug and pray? I was able to secure a few, and wandering if I am opening a can of worms.. The reason I ask, is that the ml10v2 needed an optional card, which I never purchased, and dont know how/IF they would be visible to ESXI..


4. Do you happen to have any links to "build guides" for the gen 10 i.e. to create a home lab.. I can't seem to find anything in detail atm.. but I am searching..

Sorry for taking this offtopic (but related).. hoping I am not too annoying..




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Good questions;

1. No host OS, I am running OMV as the only OS on the server. I had ESXi running on the MS Gen10, but at that time I could not get the Marvell SATA controller to pass through to a VM. That testing was done on a beta server, I have not tried it on a production MS Gen10.

2. It has been my expirience with OS like OMV and FreeNAS running in a VM, it is best to pass through the controller that the disks are attached to directly to the VM. If the Marvell built in does not pass through with ESXi you may need to try a LSI controller in IT mode. Of course the issue with this would be that all of the disks on the controller would be dedicated to the OMV VM.

3. SAS drives will not work in a stock MS Gen10, all the ports are SATA. If you use a SAS/SATA controller they should work.

4. I have mainly been testing the MS Gen10 as a single function server. I will try to play with ESXi a bit, but I would also like to expirement with ClearVM.

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