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HP Microserver Gen8 - Problem with LSI SAS9220-8i


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I am new and apologize for my beginner English. As mentioned in the subject, the BIOS does not recognize the RAID card correctly. It is recognized as Unkwon. B120 works normally

My system is:

Bios J06 2018 (current version)
Ilo 4 Advanced 2.50
LSI SAS9220-8i / the following is also on the card SAS9240-8i (B)

I am thankful for every help



HP Microserver Gen8

CPU E3-1230v2

RAM 2x 8GB

LSI SAS9220-8i

2018-10-01 14.00.39.JPG

2018-10-01 14.00.45.JPG

2018-10-01 14.06.53.JPG

2018-10-01 14.07.24.JPG

2018-10-01 14.07.33.JPG

2018-10-01 14.08.02.JPG

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Can you put the LSI card in another system to confirm that it works and to see what the firmware is on it?

There were certain versions of LSI firmware that had issues with the MS Gen8.

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I have updated the firmware version to The bios recognizes the Raid controller. But now I get the following error message in the Raid Config call: nmi detected. please consult the integrated management log for more details.
This is in the ilo - Unrecoverable System Error (NMI) has occurred. System firmware wants to log additional details into a separate IML entry if possible

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That happens with the latest mpt2sas rom. You need to flash an older version.

Search my post history for details, I’m on my mobile so I’m not able to atm.

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The NMI issue is with P20. Earlier versions seem to be OK:

As he saya above search for posts by richu75 or Shonk for more info.

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great forum. thanks for help and effort. I've done a firmware downgrade and now it works as I want it.
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