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Determining how much we consume


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WOW, I didn't realize that things had changed as much as they have, here on the Home Server Show website and forums! I went to log in today to ask this question, but discovered that I had to re-create an account. OK then, here we go.


I've been with CenturyLink for years. We have DSL, no TV through them and a land line. I'm seriously considering changing, but we only have 1 other option. That's CableOne. I've spent time on CableOne's website, looking at their various plans and so on. I definitely get the feeling that CableOne charges for usage each month. This is something I've never really considered with CenturyLink. We basically pay the same amount each month with CenturyLink (not exactly the same amount, it can vary by $5.) The one thing I'd like to know is how much we consume on a monthly basis with CenturyLink. I've looked through the last couple of months bills - nothing there. I've gone to CenturyLink's website, logged into my account, but still cannot find anything there. I'm hoping that its just the case that I don't know where to look. Can someone tell me if CenturyLink makes available to their costumers how much they use per month for DSL? And if so, where I have to go to get that?

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Like most providers CenturyLink has a 1TB per month capacity limit. See the CenturyLink Excessive Use Policy:


CenturyLink support should be able to tell you what you are using monthly. 

You may also want to check your router/firewall, it may keep track of data used.

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Hi schoondoogy, nice to see you again.


I'm pretty sure that my router is capable of tracking, but it is a function I believe I would have had to previously enabled. Unfortunately, I haven't.


On a related note, tonight I called Netflix customer support to ask how much we stream per month. They couldn't help me. That information isn't shared with customer support, it turns out. Interesting, I think.

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