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G suite vs office 365


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we are using office 365 right now, works great ...hosted exchange no problems there either....they want our documents moved to the cloud so sales people can access them anywhere, so I see G suite does that fine and dandy with unlimited storage. My concern is moving email over, how well does g suite mail work with outlook??? we have  programs that output files straight into outlook flawlessly  to our customers so Im concerned g suite will be a pain with issues and office employees throwing a fit over the change.  How well do word and excel documents convert over? then back to office docs? Most of our customers use office 365  so thats a potential issue.  Another concern is someone accidentally deleting a file or changing one incorrectly in the cloud(which has happened numerous times), right now they are stored onsite with multiple backups, is recovery easy and archived based on a timeline? 

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I tried using gsuite with my work processes  and  had to stay with office 365 for these specific reasons


1.   G apps are fine but have just subset of functionality of Office -  for example I have excel spreadsheets that have database calls , which are manipulated with Pivot tables.   Other clients  use Word for document creation and editing but then are used directly by a document control/publishing system    Google's sheets and docs don't work for them.  


2.    increasingly,  my clients are going to secure documents  -   saving/printing/viewing/editing are restricted by permissions and all changes are tracked, even if you  have permission to edit.  


3.    Office 365 works great in the cloud -   My clients routinely  give me access to particular files or folders in Onedrive for business and then when the project is complete takes these accesses away.    Even with normal onedrive  you can give or be given access to folders or files and work with them in the cloud 


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For peace of mind, I'd stick to O365. They're the de-facto standard for office productivity apps. To say the least, this is not Google's strong point.


What O365 SKU are you using right now? How many subscriptions?


As for per-user cloud storage, the business SKUs of O365 has 1TB standard, 5TB when the admin unlocks it, and up to 25TB if you email Microsoft. Beyond that, they will give the user a 25TB Sharepoint site. That's a potential 50TB of online storage per user. Unless you're in the media business, I doubt anyone would need that much accumulated storage for Office doc files.



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