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[HELP] Queries about Caddies & Thorough Testing before getting a HP G7 MicroServer


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Hello everyone, 

I am from Pakistan. I love archiving lossless music, 4K movies & tv! Hoarding data is my hobby. Right now, I am using WD 8TB external USB drives, which isn't exactly ideal solution as I can't access all data or seem to locate my content when I need it. It's a bit of mess. 


I always wondered about finding a chassis which can host lot of bays, while being low on electricity bill. Being in Pakistan, I haven't exactly been lucky. Ideally, I would have liked a 24 bay/or more (just to be future proof) super micro 4u chassis from ebay, but since ebay/paypal aren't available and freight forwarding only makes it worse as shipping costs to my country are so huge, I tried finding alternatives. There were other chassis like chenbro, but those too are out of question as none of them are available locally.


I seriously considered about taking synology/qnap pre-built NAS route for certain time until recently, when I came across HP microservers on reddit, as they meet my requirements, especially low power footprint. With electricity instability here, microserver should continue to work for several hours on my home UPS. And since they can have a pci-e slots, Its my understanding that I can also add more HDD if they were in an external case. So, all in all, a near perfect solution to my requirements.


Recently, I visited a local computer market, which mostly deals in scrap computers/servers/workstations. I didn't have any expectation to find a microserver, but I was in for a surprise. I found few of the gen7 microservers by luck, as I quickly made up my mind to purchase them only to find out that they don't have any caddies. Now the normal HP caddy won't fit. And I am still stuck on whether I should proceed with the order as it's being sold for 40$ without caddies & ECC RAM.


I tried finding hp genuine caddies on internet for cheap to no avail. Importing them would almost ruin this deal, as I would rather look elsewhere. The local market also hasn't found a replacement as well, as I tried fitting different HP server caddies. They go in there fine, but when a HDD is attached, it's impossible to fit a caddy in that slot.


Upon further searching on internet, I found out this forum. It was an ideal place to consult my problem since, it has a large number of other microserver users. Hopefully, there are cheap alternatives or tricks which can help me overcome this issue. 


Also, while I am in market for these cute little machines, I would also like to know what would be the best way to go about testing them? The microservers in question booted fine to bios, but I am not sure how should I test existing parts. I tried finding BIOS diagnosting/testing tools in the BIOS menu, but I couldn't locate them. I hope there are tools or certain tips which can help me test the server without finding anything wrong with them later down the road.





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