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Hi, I'm new here, I signed up because it seems like a place might solve a couple of issues for me.

I'm not massively experienced with servers, but I own a G7 N54l micro server with 8gig of Ram and four 3tb WD red drives. 

I've historically run it as a media server and to play with various VMs, mostly various Linux distros, but I wanted to do more with it and so added new drives relatively recently. 

I've been running XCP-ng as a hypervisor mostly (XenCenter previously) with the VMs within that.

I want to be able to do the following: Run Plex Media Server, run a database server, possibly a mail server, and a radio station, plus have space to play with different VMs and distros, and of course backup my data from my desktops and other devices. (I will in future look to backing up the server too but that's another project.) 

My current burning issue is Raid. I've tried to set up raid. I don't need 12tb of storage, so raid seems to be a good plan to at least provide a degree of mechanical redundancy. However the server won't allow me to raid more than 2 drives at once in Raid 0 or Raid 1, for some reason. If I try Raid 10 it won't boot and I just get a GRUB cursor, so it's not finding the boot sector I suspect but I'm uncertain how to fix that. I have tried running 2 different raid arrays but that seems to be undoable - it will only see one of them at a time. 

I've also got an issue with Samba and shares, which is partly due to a lack of knowledge but I'd like to keep my media in a central location to be accessed by different machines (for example Plex on Ubuntu, and the radio is likely to be on Windows 10.) 


As I pointed out above I'm not great with server stuff, so this is also designed as a learning project for me so I'd appreciate any suggestions as to how to get the most out of this. 


Thanks in advance and "Hi!" 



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Hi Riff,


Your description is too vague to allow anything but generalisations as suggestions … however ...

… a design to back up your data/server should be the first project!


What are the other projects?

What other devices do you have in your network? My network diagram here:


How much data do you expect to accumulate over the next few years?


I like an N54 for playing … but it sounds like you plan to have several production systems (video server, database, radio, …) thereon.

If you want to play with VM's and have a Windows 10 machine - almost certainly a more powerful host in terms of SSD and CPU than the N54  - then I'd leave the server to do the serving and W10 box for VM playtime.


Sorry, can't help with the errors - all Windows 10 here 🙂 😞 

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