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NBASE-T or MGBASE-T switches


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This one is not $300 but overall is a great value given what it has.  I have been running this one since it was released and I love it.  Has a lot of room for expansion.  I have 5 devices with 10G NICs hooked up to it.




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so going forward will fibre and copper be equally supported or will one tend to come out more cost beneficial in the long run? any prognosticators out there?

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RJ45 connection:

The benefit of 2.5GbE and 5GbE is they meet the normal base-t spec of cable length, Cat 5e 100 meters. 10gbase-t is limited to 55 meters over Cat 6, but it looks like it will support 100 meters on Cat 6a. Standard copper Ethernet cable is easy to work with. 

SFP+ connection:

SFP+ direct connect are cables with SFP+ transcievers and copper twinax cable. 1 to 7 meter passive cable and up to 15 meter with active cables. These cables are pre terminated to a specific length.

Moving to fiber extends distance;

Using SR short range SFP+ transceivers with fiber optic cable 10GbE can extend to 400 meters.

Using LR long range SFP+ transceivers  with fiber optic cable 10GbE can extend to 10 kilometers

Fiber is not user terminatable. Some switches require certain brands of SFP+. SFP+ transceivers are not always interchangable.


RJ45 connections and Cat 5e/6/6a cable are much cheaper than SFP+ transceivers, Fiber optic cable and SFP+ Direct Connect cables, but used Mellanox SFP+ 10GbE NIC's are $30 on eBay.


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Not seen the MS510TX before … looks like a handy piece of kit.

Could be a good piece of transition hardware e.g. cabling up both 1GB ports on a Gen8 Microserver one side … seeing 2 GB on the other … and so on as one builds in new systems with 5GB and 10GB ports.

UK price similar at around £240.

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