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    • Mikey70
      By Mikey70
      After a shutdown my perfectly working HP Microserver gen8 with Windows Server 2016 didn't start again. In the HPE Smart Storage Administrator everything looks fine, the arrays are in place, but Windows don't seem to recognize it anymore. If I try to boot from the installation media I'm unable to load the b120i driver, the installtion just hangs. If I use Intelligent Provisioning I'm afraid to start the installation because it sais:
      Pressing continue will install the  selected operating system and will reset all drives to a freshly installed state. Data currently on this server will be lost. This is normal when installing an operating system.
      I choose to keep all array settings in the beginning of the guid. I'm ok with my system disk being wiped clean, but I don't wan't to loose the stuff that's on the other disks, there are photos, documents there that I need.
      Does anyone know if the other disks are safe if I press continue? Or if there is a way to get the smart array recognized by Windows Server again?
    • ColinBrough
      By ColinBrough
      I've a N36L Proliant Microserver that has been happily sitting on a shelf doing NAS type stuff since 2011. I was away last week, and came back to it dead. It now won't switch on at all. No lights, no flickers of LEDs when power on switch pressed, nothing - so no real diagnostics! Checked fuse, checked mains power, all OK.

      I'm presuming its a blown PSU - is that a good guess?

      And, given the age of the machine, I'm suspecting it is likely to be best to simply replace it with a Gen8 replacement rather than faffing around trying to replace a PSU (which may or may not be the cause of the failure). Or is it worth trying to salvage?

      (I'm hoping the disks in the machine survived the failure - there's a 6TB WD Green, a 2TB WD Green, a 250GB Seagate and a 750GB Samsung in there at the moment. Running XUbunutu.)
    • BJWTech
      By BJWTech
      I have the OEM PSU for my 2 G7 Microservers. One is a N36l and the other is a N40l. About one year ago I replaced the 40MM Fan on both with a lower noise Sunon fan. They were pulled whilst working.
      I will charge $20 for each plus shipping.
      Let me know If you are interested!
      Edit: Typo....
    • ravikk
      By ravikk
      Hello Everyone,
      I am new here. I am the system administrator for a compute cluster in a Research group in MIT. I am looking for an answer to a specific issue, that is currently causing a downtime for our Cluster. The Distributed file system linked to the server has two hot plug, redundant Power Supply Units, and both of them have failed. The PSU's are made by company called t-win and I can't find anything online about it, except for a few sites in Russian. Any advice on where I can procure the same part, or any other alternatives that I can find in US that would match my requirement would be incredibly helpful. I have left all details I can find about the PSU below:
      1) Make: t-win
      2) Model Number: PSM-SRA10E-Z-R  (ROHS)
      3) AC INPUT: 100-240 V, 43-63 Hz, 15-7A
      4) DC OUTPUT: 1010W (MAX)
      +12V    83A    -12V   0-0.8A
      +5VSB   0-3.5A
      SER. NO: T11948794 26E1190089
      P/N: B013450001
      I have attached a couple of pictures of the PSU along with the post.
      Thank You,

    • hermanpeckel
      By hermanpeckel
      I recently came home to my beloved N54L as dead as a door nail. It turned out a power surge zapped the PSU. A quick disassemble and fit of a standard ATX power supply confirmed it was just the PSU that had died.
      I jumped on eBay and found a suitable replacement (or so I thought). The main power connector was 4 pins short of the original one. I plugged it all in and to my surprise it booted and works fine. One thing though - the fan is constantly on full. I assume it's the CPU fan. When I plug the normal ATX PSU back in, the fan operates as it should.
      Anyhow, my questions. Is there any way I can mod my PSU to suit? It has a 4 pin connector on it that is currently unused. Or, rather than hunt around and hope for another suitably sized PSU, maybe I could just transfer the N54L parts into a standard computer case and PSU. There are some cheap ones about for $50 that look like they could do the trick.
      Does anyone know of any caveats I should be aware of? 
      Thanks in advance.

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