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HP Proliant NL40 and 8TB HDD


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Hello everyone,


I have read the whole internet but I couldn't find the answer. I have an NL40 and just ordered 16GB ram to be able to install latest FreeNas system and convert it to a nice NAS for my home. I was wondering if I could use 8TB WD Red drives (5x8TB=40TB max)! Is this possible or I am just dreaming about this?


Can anyone inform me about my thoughts?


Thanks in advanced!

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Dont see why not. I have run 6 x 3TB WD Reds in an N54L in the past.

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The situation is this:


1. The N40L is a BIOS (not a UEFI) machine, which means that it can only boot to a partition with a maximum size of 2TB.

2. Having booted into, say, Windows, then drives other than the boot device can be configured with the GPT partitioning scheme q.v. … and this has a limit so high we need not worry about it.


So one of my microservers has disks 2TB (MBR partitions: boot, OS, 1.9TB of data), 8TB (GPT partition: data), 8TB (GPT partition: data), 8TB (GPT partition: data).


Enabling a 5th SATA connection could produce nice configurations like: 60GB SSD (boot, OS), 14TB, 14TB, 14TB, 14TB ...

… or similar.


You want to run FREENAS as the OS. Although I don't know much about that OS, I expect it will handle vast disks.

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@JackoUK thank you so much!! Your answer was really helpful and clarified everything in my head!! This was the answer I was looking for my question! I am planning to use a 16GB usb stick to install latest FreeNas so I am concern about booting!! When I manage to buy the hard drivers I will let all know how many TB I manage to load on to this little server!! :)

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Did you manage to get the 8TB drives working?


I'm in a similar boat - I am using the NL40 albeit with the older Nas4Free OS which boots off of a 2GB memory stick. I currently have a mix of drives in there (largest is 4TB) but looking to put a 10TB in as well.



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