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You guys are going seriously heavy duty with your coverage!!

I made the move to ubiquity this summer - a single UAP-AC-Lite - and can’t recommend it enough!

I live in a 100sqm / 1100sq ft brick and plasterboard house built in the UK in the late 90’s. the AP is ceiling mounted inside a airing cupboard / closet in the middle of the house on the 1st floor.

I get 5G coverage across the whole of the upstairs and most of the downstairs, it’s patchy in the corners of the utility/laundry room, but that’s not really a place I need 400+ Mbps connectivity!!
2.4G coverage is solid throughout the house and garden as well as a fair way up the street.

I’m wondering for those of you pushing 4 or more AP’s how you are managing self-interference on the 2.4Ghz spectrum assuming you’re using the channels 1-6-11 setup or are your layouts / house construction such that you don’t get any same channel coverage overlap from your AP’s?

I don’t use the cloud key either, I have the controller running on a Ubuntu VM. I do like the idea of the cloud key to remove any reliance on my VMware setup but want to capture as much data/stats as possible as I also run a USG and like the DPI details and 5 minute granular details the CK doesn’t have the internal capacity to hold for as long.

Overall very impressed with Ubiquity’s Wi-Fi offering, I’ve had no issues since switching.

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I have two APs on Channel 6 but they're also the farthest apart (each end of the building and a floor apart). Even so, there's still a tiny bit of bleed-through, not enough though to cause any issues. 


The remaining two APs are on Channels 1 and 11, respectively.

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