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    • MattG
      By MattG
      It suddenly came to me why my computer acts wonky when I've got the server running.  I checked the IPv4 properties and the server IP address was selected as the preferred DNS server.  I don't want that.  I tried resetting it to obtain DNS server address automatically but after rebooting it was reset again to the server IP.
      Must I force the address to my router?  Or, preferably, is there a setting in the server to keep it from resetting the client computers?
      edit: Clients are all Windows 7 computers (pro and home)
    • brianmullins
      By brianmullins
      Hey guys,
      Need some advice/direction. I've got a WSE2012 (not R2) server set up and have been a bit neglectful of it. Currently the Storage Spaces drive that I had created is totally hosed as it ran out of space. I added a drive a few months back with the intention of moving/removing some old backups, but time got away from me and it died again once it filled up. It has no data other than backups of my desktop machine on it, and that's not been working for 6+ months. I've got Crashplan on my desktop, too, so i'm not in any immediate danger of losing data.
      What I'd like to do is just wipe the machine and start over. However, it's my domain controller (only my desktop machine is joined), and I'm worried about having to move my user profile on my desktop to a new domain. Can I just rebuild the server, name it and the domain the same as currently and then rejoin my desktop without issues?
      Thanks in advance. I trust you all way more than any other site to lead me in the right direction.
      Jim and Dave (and anyone else who's thinking this...): I know, I should have the server backing up, too. That's the goal for the new setup. And I'll be avoiding Storage Spaces. What a pain.

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