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Upgrade from Essentials 2012


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I’ve been using a Western Digital DS5100 that has Windows Server Essentials 2012 R2 for a few years.  Last year I screwed something up, and ended up getting a replacement OS drive from WD, which basically caused me to lose all of my C: settings.  Not wanting to get caught flatfooted again, I added an external HD and used Veeam to schedule backups of the OS drive.


A few months ago someone told me I had Hyper-V, so I enabled it so I could create virtual machines.  Not the fastest thing in the world, but it worked well enough.  However I wanted to try using Docker for Windows because that is supposed to be a lot faster than using VMs.  But Docker requires Windows 10 (or 2016).  Since I have the Veeam backup, I didn’t fret too much about trying the upgrade.


Not wanting to lose my current settings (even though people advise you to do a fresh install) I installed 2016 and did the “keep settings” option.  It took a couple of tries, but eventually it did boot up with 2016 and my settings were kept.  I fired up my VMs and they unsurprisingly work.  The problem is they are slow.  Very slow.  So slow they aren’t performing the service they are supposed to.


Is the system slow overall?  I’m not sure.  If have to restore my 2012 image, I’d like to get a benchmark on 2016 first, so I can compare it to what was working on 2012.  Any suggestions on applications or troubleshooting my 2016 install?

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This weekend I attempted an in-place upgrade from WSE12R2 to WSE16.  Of course, this was after doing the adprep and domainprep commands.  Was surprised how smoothly the upgrade process itself went.  Most applications opened without issue after the reboot.  However, it completely broke anything having to do with Anywhere Access, VPN or DirectAccess.  Seemed to mess with the Windows Firewall too.  Basic apps like Plex Media Server running on the server couldn't be accessed by clients, even on the LAN.  Though it was accessible via localhost on the server box.  Ultimately I had to restore back to my WSE12R2 backup image.


Had everything upgraded like I had hoped, I would've kept it... though there were no noticeable differences other than colors/theme.  But I've come to rely on these remote access apps to just work.

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