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GEN 8 Microserver keeps booting after shutdown in Windows


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I have recently done a fresh install of Windows 10 onto a Gen8. However whenever I shutdown through windows, the OS powers down ok but after around 3-4 mins, the server powers on again. 

Of note:

- The blue light is still on when shutdown of windows completes (indicating server is not powered off)

- But if shutting down through ilo press and hold option, the light turns orange (indicating server has actually powered off)


I have tried the following:

- Turning the allow power on option for the Network adapter in Windows 10

- Set power state in BIOS to off after power loss.



Any other ideas from you guys?



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ILO status status lights are green indicating no hardware issues. 


Screenshot below of event log. This log registers server shutdown from using the press and hold option. 

However it does not log events from the Windows OS (I have AMS service installed - though it doesn't appear to do much).


Event ID 1578/1579 are my press and hold using ILO.



Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 09.08.51.png

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Have you looked at the Event logs in Windows to see if they show anything?

Have you tried shutting it down with the network cables physically disconnected?

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Do you have iLo logs from when you are shutting down from Windows?

You mentioned that the blue light stays on. Does the fan keep spinning?

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Sorry for all of the posts, I keep thinking of things I would try. With Windows running push and hold the power button until Windows shuts down. Does the blue light go off?

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Thanks for all the suggestions:


- Windows logs do not show anything other than normal shutdown or boot up

- I haven't tried without the network cables disconnected (physically away from server at present so can't test this theory)

- ILO logs do not show any OS related messages, if it is expected that Windows would output something, do you have an example of this? Like I mentioned AMS is installed but it doesn't actually seem to do anything

- When windows shuts the blue light is still on. From memory if you hold the power button, windows will shut down but the server will boot after 5/6 minutes (as mentioned am away physically from server at present).

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