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PCI 1 Zone temperature sensor position location


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    • okepi_malin
      By okepi_malin
      Hi everybody.
      I have a Gen8 G1610T since 2 years and I am very happy with it. I use it to only host my Plex Server with 3*2Tb drives.
      I bought for a cheap price (40€) a Xeon E3-1220v2 and I have question about it. I have read Elvisdk's topic about temperature with G1610T default heatsink on 1220v2 and I wonder if play (and transcode) 1080p movies with 4 cores enable will be ok or too hot ? Did I must enable only 2 cores to be safe ?
      I cannot compare Elvisdk's temperature with wPrime burnt with the temperatures generated by Plex because I don't know them with a E3-1220v2...
      Thanks for your feedback.
    • pwarren
      By pwarren
      I am looking for a z-wave based temperature gauge that I can put on output and the return feeds to my water heater.  I would like to measure and monitor these temperatures with a Vera Plus hub.  
      Is anyone aware of a z-wave based temp gauge that will work?
    • artiom
      By artiom
      Hi all!
      As the current's Microserver G8 capabilities are not enough for me anymore (mostly limited RAM), I am investigating possible solutions.
      One solution can be to use rack-mounted servers.
      Can you please share your experiences about using rack servers in home environment?
      Let's discuss these topics:
      1. What hardware you used and what was the energy consumption.
      2. What enclosures were used - open rack, a closed cabinet, etc.
      3. How the cooling was managed.
      4. Where is the best place for it? Garage? Loft?
      5. How it can be protected from dust (in a garage or loft)?
      6. How it can be protected from high humidity?
      Any input is appreciated
      Thank you!
      P.S.: I am not sure if this is the right place for the topic - please move it elsewhere if needed.
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