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Server bootloops before BIOS screen


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Hey all! Hoping that you can help. At my wits' end here.


I have a Thecus W5800 NAS running Windows Storage Server 2012r2 Essentials. It has a built-in SSD with the OS on it and 5 bays of hot-swappable hard drives.

Problem: I moved a couple blocks away to a new place. Ever since then, the NAS will occasionally get stuck in bootloops, by which I mean it will reboot, beep once, reboot, beep once, etc for hours on end. It reboots so quickly that the POST/BIOS screen never shows up.

Steps tried: 1) Letting it sit for a while then rebooting. Did not work. 2) Removing a disk and rebooting. I did this individually for all five disks. Did not work. 3) Removing all five disks and rebooting. This works like a charm but obviously defeats the purpose of a NAS. 4) Running CHDSK on each removable disk and browsing them in Explorer on another machine - this did not show any errors. 5) Scanning Event Viewer - no notable errors; I mean, the thing reboots before it has time to BSOD. Only suspicious thing is that it throws a VSS error and fails backup about 30 minutes before the timestamp shows the bootloop starting. 6) Check VSS writers for errors - did not indicate any recent errors.

So after all these steps, I let it run without the hot-swap drives, then turned it off, reinserted the drives, and it booted as normal. It ran fine for a couple of days, and then bootlooped again. This time I had been out of town and I guess after two days of bootlooping it finally froze on an error message, which was "Reboot and select proper boot device, or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key." Not sure if that's the cause of the problem, but also mystified as to why it's intermittent if it's a boot problem or a short circuit. Wouldn't it error all the time then? I've never changed anything in BIOS and the boot drive is the one drive that DOES work.

After this, I got it to reboot with all drives for about 20 minutes, then it started bootlooping again. Now I can't get it to recover after putting the hot-swap drives back in - it will only run without them. This is a relatively new server, and I have my entire music library, personal files, etc etc on it - I'd really like to fix this and get it running again. Does anyone have any insight into how to fix this?


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