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Full Restore Vail Error


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Ok Guys and Gals,


Trying to do a full restore from Vail using the restore disc.


Everything goes well until the moment when Vail is about to actually transfer the files and then it throws up an exception error.


I wont give you the number as we know they're just about useless but each time it returns back to the point where file transfer is about to begin before throwing its toys out of the pram again.


Anybody seen this?


Any suggestions.


The files are intact and I can restore them to an external via a laptop using the dashboard, so it is just something to do with the "full restore" from disc.

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Guest no-control

Corrupt Restore disc? Might want try a new one. Could be your .iso is corrupted as well.


Not really a solution but you could install an O/S and the dashboard then do a restore since it works that way.


Just throwing some ideas out there.

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