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Ubuntu 18.01 Server Install to ODD


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Hi guys 


Sorry to bring this booting from ODD on a microserver up again but Im stuck and looking for any advice really


My server has been running Ubuntu Server 14.01 for years now and that has been running from an SSD in the ODD and if I remember right I am using a 32GB SDcard onboard the microserver and then using grub to tell the server where to find its boot files


I maybe off the mark here but I think thats basically it how its been working and working fine too


Ive decided to clean install 18.01 Ubuntu Server onto the box but for the life of me I cant quite remember what I should be doing


The server has always been in AHCI SATA mode 


Ive deleted partitions on the SSD so its like a clean drive but when I boot too install ubuntu server its not finding the SSD at all - all its finding is the 32GB SDcard on the server


Anyone have any wisdom that they would like to bestow on me - I thought it should pick up the SSD???


All the bay drives are removed for the time being too


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Have you tryed removing the microSD card? With no drives in the front bays and no bootloader in the microSD slot it should see the SSD. 

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