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MicroServer n36L Raid Issue


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Hi All,


I have had my N36L for years, Updated BIOS MOD and 4GB ram.


I have just bought 2 Toshiba 3TB disks hoping to set up as RAID 1.


So far I have changed the bios settings and set up LD as RAID 1, Set to Fast INIT.


But windows 2012 still shows 2 separate disks............ Should this be just one?


Any help is appreciated before I pull the remaining hair out my head.

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Yeah I have done exactly what he did in the video but still seeing 2 drives in Windows.


I have 3 drives in the system, not sure if that makes a difference. 


Ch 0 - 250gb

Ch 2 & 3 - 3TB (RAID)


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Have you installed the AMD RAIDExpert software? It seems like certain OS need the RAIDExpert software to see the changes made in the BIOS.

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