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Internal USB or microSD


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The USB is 2.0 so I assume the microSD is faster if I can find a good card?


BTW, those HP official microSD still commanding a lot of $$$ on EBay.

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There's no real advantage to using either if you're booting Linux and just stick "/boot" onto the media as it's rarely updated so write endurance won't matter and as it's only the boot files, it will make marginal difference to boot times if you're using an SSD or hard drive as the root filesystem - this is what I do. Tried both and no difference it boot speed.  I have noticed a higher reliability with using a USB drive over the MicroSD slot, but I think that has been resolved with a BIOS upgrade as the machine kept losing the MicroSD card slot on reboot... again not a major issue as I rarely need to reboot the box.


The reason the HP MicroSD cards are so expensive is that they only use something like half the available cells on the card so when writes are made they affect the smallest set of flash so the card has a higher endurance than standard MicroSD cards, but if you're using it for just "/boot" it doesn't matter as it's mostly reads until a new kernel needs installing.  I have a document on the HP MicroSD cards somewhere 🤔

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I intend to use it as a normal drive for the Linux install not just boot. 


In fact I'm running debian on a 16gb USB stick but since I may need a bit more space for indexing so I'm wondering whether to go usb again or utilise the microsd


One possible alternative is to use either one for / and the other one for /var


On some devices the microsd slot maybe connected to the USB bus so there is really no difference 



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2 options;

Run the /boot on a microSD card,   and then run the OS on a SSD in the ODD port.   this allows you to run the 4x disks as ACHI and no performance loss on the OS drive.


Another option is to run the whole Linux instance off a USB-> SSD via a converter  (Something like this) ,    I do this currently on my n36l microserver.   so far so good.   This allows you to have the whole OS on a single drive, which can be picked up and placed anywhere.   There is a limitation of 20meg/s read/write as its USB2,   but honestly its never bothered me.



NOW, if you want to get tricky and run VMware as the underlying host, then have the OS's as guests (what I'm trying to do) but have the storage solely as a linux file share its difficult.       Either partition a USB->SSD drive and have it boot VMware, with a Data store partition and run the linux install there too.    Pass through the whole b120i controller (if you have a cpu that supports it)  to the linux OS, and run mdadm 

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Ssd on odd port sounds like a good idea


I have use USB disk so far and can reuse it just for /boot


Do I need a special mount to install the ssd at the odd bay? 


My gen8 come without odd I'm not sure if it even has a sata cable and power there 



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