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Build workstation with Xeon e7 8893 v2

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Hi. I have a process e7 8893 v2, and I want to build a work station, but I only have one; I've seen that it works with the Intel c602j LGA2011-1 chipset. The Supermicro X9SRH-7F mainboard has the intel c602j chipset, but I'm sure it's compatibe, someone could help me.
And the other question, is it possible to place on a mainboard that supports 2 processors, 2 processors of different model (example an E7 8893 v2 and an E7 8895 v2 on the same mainboard)?

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That motherboard has the right chipset, but no confirmed support for E7. E7's were designed for multi CPU support, I doubt they were ever tested in single CPU boards. To your question on dual socket, to my knowledge, both CPU need to be the same model and stepping.

The E7-8893 v2 seems to sell on eBay for around $1500. If I had one I think I would sell it and build a workstation. 

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