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The newest Surface to join the family, Surface Go


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Microsoft announced a new Surface device last night, the Surface Go.  The announcement felt forced as leaks were dropping all over the place so it looks like the Surface Team just said, "what the heck," post it! Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 12.51.54 PM.png


It's a confusing addition to the family. Remember Surface 3?  The Go is a much improved device but I'll have to get my hands on it in order to fully judge it.  I loved the 3 and still own it with a dock.


It starts at $399 which is great but the hardware is a bit limited at that price point.  It starts with the Pentium Gold 4415y processor. Here is a comparison to show you some characteristics versus the Core i3. It also starts at 4Gb of RAM and a 64Gb eMMC drive.  It's only 1.15 pounds and will have LTE options in the future.


I've read a ton of posts on this device where there is "target market" confusion.  Read it for yourself straight from Microsoft's mouth. "Empower your workforce with the lightest, most compact Surface yet"

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 12.52.10 PM.png



Here is the announcement post - https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/surface/business/surface-go


Most articles are comparing it to iPad's and Chromebooks and although i think it will be a good alternative to the Chromebook I don't think it is a direct compare to the iPad nor targeting it.  I think it is a build that came from direct feedback from the working market.  A light portable with pen ability that doesn't cost $1500 if it is dropped. Pretty simple.


Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 12.52.01 PM.png


My biggest disappointment is the keyboard.  Yup, gotta add $99 if you don't want to type on glass.


Will enthusiasts buy it? Couch PC? Reader by the bed?  This little Surface has a lot of merit on paper so we will see how it holds up when it ships on August 2nd.  Let me know down below if you are going to get one.


Buy here - https://store.microsoft.com


Short Link to share - https://fave.co/2KOUe4N


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USB-C though...

But yes, $99 for a flipping keyboard, no bundling it would suggest they're aiming at the iPad crowd as there's no keyboard there either, however in mentioning the workforce it seems they're targetting something else, in which case no keyboard doesn't add up, the only time I could see a Surface coming out and not needing a keyboard would be if they went iPad Mini size...


The main downsides of the RT/Surface 2 were crippled Windows, if this runs full fat Win10 then they could gain more traction than those 2 RT type devices did..

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I think the base unit at $399 will be a good 'grab and go' device, email, social media, browsing, content consumption. As reviewers have pointed out, the $550 unit would be a better choice for laptop performance. For the extra $150 you get 8GB of memory instead of 4GB and instead of a 64GB eMMC you get 128GB NVMe SSD. 

I will be waiting to see what the LTE versions cost.

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LTE always seems to be $150 more and bundled with the larger choice of hardware.  My hope is that this would be a grab and go device and do a quick resume from sleep, face detect, and into Windows.


Pre-Order is now live.  Veterans and students starts at $379.



Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 4.34.52 PM.png


If you use my link to purchase, RESET may get a small commission.  Thanks!

Short Link for Sharing



Direct Link




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Sweet. I'm still using my Surface 3 regularly. I was wondering what I would replace the 3 with it is failed.

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I'm a fan of the Pro's tbh, had the Pro, Pro 2, Pro 3 and now the Pro 2017...

Next one should be nice with the CPU's now being 4C/8T rather than the poor excuse that is 2C/4T, the ones with the Vega cores would be really nice but that'd probably mean a major internal redesign due to different sockets and chipsets...

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