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Monitoring Hard Drive Rebuild


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    Basic question - apologies. I have a Gen 8 Microserver running Windows 10. I have just had to replace one of my physical hard disks 8TB (Raid 1), Port 4. The Microserver is flashing orange. I rebooted and during the reboot (F9 then F5) went into Storage Array app. It says it is rebuilding my drive - no problem. However, this has been going on for 24 hours now. My question is :- How can I view (if it is possible) progress (if it is progressing) without rebooting and going into the Storage Array app ? I just want to see if it is progressing and how much is left to do. I do not use iLo. Many thanks. Chris

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You need to install HP Smart Storage Administrator from HP SPP (Service Pack for ProLiant) or download it separately.


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