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SSD Clone Issue


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Hi all, I've got a Gen 8 that has been running Windows 10 on a 2.5" internal sata drive. I decided to clone this onto an SSD and use that instead as the OS drive.


The clone went perfectly. Plugged the new drive in and booted up and it's still merrily blipping along.


However when I install and load up the Sandisk SSD dashboard it doesn't recognise any SSD's being installed.


Wondering if there's something that I missed out during the process and if anyone else has completed something similar and has any advice. 

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14 hours ago, schoondoggy said:

Are you using the B120i? Most of the time RAID controllers interfere with apps like that.


Thanks for the reply. Yeah I am using the B120i


Is there any way to get it to register that you know of? 

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