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So, time for a change

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Now I have the TPLink Deco kit sorting out the wifi/internet, I can drop the server without getting shouted at..


So, do I go with VMWare 6.7 or Server 1803 as a replacement for my Server 2016 install?

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VMWare 6.7 for sure

You can load the Server 2016 as the first VM and then play about with other VM’s to your hearts content!!!

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Depends on how your licensed, I am licensed for two installs, so therefore if I use ESXi, I get 2 "working" Windows installs. As against just the one if I utilise one as a HyperVisor, then I lose the install so to speak, this is made even worse with the discontinuation of Nano server, or more correctly the changing of the software to a container-centric system, thus meaning I would have no choice but to use my standard licence. Given these facts, I would be going with ESXi (in fact I will be going with ESXi when I do my next install)

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Tried 6.7, don't think it liked my MV8 card though, VM's would lock up as soon as I attached the card...


So, trying Server 2019 instead.


Just messing with putting Drivepool on the 2019 host, and sharing it just to the 2016 "Essentials" Server so its all controlled from there..

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