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N54L Replacment


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Hi i have had my trusty N54l for years now with no issues but im goin in a diffrent direction now.

The server is mainly used for a home file share for films and pictures to my nvidia shield devices. I dont use any vmware stuff as i get enough of that at work as im a Network Administrator and heavly use Vmware and Veeam in a 50+ server enviroment.

Now i have recently started streaming using emby to my inlaws externally (got 20MB upload) which has highlited an encoding issue so need more cpu beef.

I want to keep with server 2012r2 and licencing is not an issue and also want to keep my raid which is a p410 raid card attached to 4x 3tb seagate ironwolf drives + and OS 128 ssd (attached to OSD drive)


Now i thought as i dont need specific hardware for vmware why dont i just get a small footprint case that will take 5 drives and bang a cheap i5 board chip and ram in with a standard size psu (easy to replace if fails) and continue as is?


has anyone done the same, if so any reccomndations on CASE and CPU ideas, dont really want to pull loads of watts for a 24/7 server but need some extra grunt to do some transcoding when needed.


cheers for any advice.... PS the n54l would then be sold 🙂

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I bought a fusion node 804

bought a Gigabyte F2A88XM-D3HP A88X FM2+ Mobo because it had 8 sata ports and the case had 8 3.5" drive bays

then bought a AMD a-10 8750 cpu (65w TDP) used on ebay

used my 16gb ram from the n54L

and bought a ATX psu


all in all i use about 100w on idle with 8 hard disks which is not bad conderdering my n54l with 6 hd's was running around 80w


IM about to put my 1080ti in there to mine crypto through the winter and use as a heater if you have a plex/NAS server running already you may as well mine crypto and make some money from it...


and keep the loungeroom warmer through the winter


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I like the INTEL i5 8400T here.


With 6 cores power when you need it and when you don't electrical power down to 35W.


Isn't the P410 an 8-port card?

If you are going to reparent … why not a quiet, 8-bay case for future expansion?

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15 hours ago, schoondoggy said:

HPE RAID controllers do not work well in non HPE servers.


Im not using it as a boot device, its just a secondary storage pool. my main boot is a standard 128 ssd kingston drive.


Iam assuming i should still be ok using this? i have testen on a standard win 10 machine on a asrock board and it showed up fine. but didnt do any long term testing.


If not what other cheapish raid pci cards would be better suited.





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1 minute ago, schoondoggy said:

LSI controllers work well. What RAID are you using?

 Just raid 5 over 4 3tb disks with a 1GB Cache



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If I need to replace with an LSI card would this cut it?

LSI Megaraid 9260-8i

I already have a breakout cable for the 4 drives and its sata 6Gb


If not any other advice on a raid controller



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