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WD80EMAZ 8TB 3.3V drives = SUCCESS


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Just thought some people would like to know, the 8TB WD EasyStore drives work swimmingly in the Gen 8 Server. The latest versions of the EasyStore are 256mb Cache Drives that run on 3.3V instead of the standard voltage. Some older systems won't power these drives without a wiring hack which usually isn't possible on a back-plane.


I broke open the two EasyStore drives I got this weekend and they turned out to be the latest WD80EMAZ version which is a rebranded Red. The system had no issues recognizing the drives and I have them running in a mirror. This is important because then these EasyStores go on sale, you can get them for ~100.00 less then buying a WD Red straight up. Right now they are 169.99 but they can be had for 150 if you are patient. There's four different model drives that can show up in these enclosures, two are 128mb cache and two are 256mb cache. The WD80EMAZ is the version that is showing up the most lately. Here's some further reading on these drives.




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