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Hey Everyone,


It's summertime in the states and i hope the weather is good where ever you are as well.  RESET forums gets a LOT of traffic from non US states so I wanted to welcome all of you to the forum.  I have a couple of news items for you so I thought I would do it here in a welcome message.


Summer 2018 is all about conversations. Traffic generally slows down so I would like to encourage you to start a conversation in one of the many categories here at RESET.


  • Home Automation - Let us know how you automate your home and life.
  • PC Building - What are you building? Show it off!  Link us to your parts and lets discuss it.
  • Networking - One of my favorite topics. Share your Wi-fi gear and if you do anything different, VPN's, 
  • Deals - Another favorite. Post your deal links when you find them. 
  • Trending Technology - All the way at the bottom is Trending Tech. Drones, Tesla, whatever is new.


Pick something you are interested in and start a conversation.  It makes the place feel less like a Help Desk and more like a community!  AND way less like Facebook! 


Since I just mentioned FB, check your profile here at RESET. Top right corner where your name is, drop it down, click profile.  Edit your profile and add some data or simply just add a photo. Doesn't have to be of yourself, anything will do as long as it is clean.


Also, click your name in the top right, click Account Settings.  In this view you can change your signature and other settings.  If you click Overview, Notifications, you can change your communications preferences.  Make sure you enable:  "Send me news and information."  RESET Forums never shares your e-mail address or data and you can get the newsletter this way. I have sent out ONE newsletter.  Yes, 1.  So, ya, i don't spam you a whole bunch!


Thanks for reading to the end. Join the Patreon group for some upcoming give aways and support this forum.  http://patreon.com/davidmccabe


Thanks everyone, now go start a new post and chat!




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