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Backing up a server to OneDrive for Business


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In the company I work for, we're allocated an Office 365 E5 license. This entitles us to OneDrive for Business Plan 2 (Unlimited storage capacity).


My server has around 18TB of data. The easiest way to back it up is to simply sync the folders using the OneDrive app. But I don't want that as it present a privacy dilemma as admins can view my personal files at will.


Now, I think that the next best thing is to use a backup software that can archive all my files into a single file. The problem with this approach is that, OneDrive has a file size limit of 15GB.


The question then is, is there a backup software that can encrypt my files/folders and archive them, splitting the archive in 15GB chunks in real time, then store them on OneDrive?

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If you are going to run a backup job and then preprocess by splitting …

… why not simply encrypt the original files before submitting to your company system?


So you have a folder \mytopsecretdata on your server with all files encrypted and ...

… a folder \mytopsecretdata with the same structure on OneDrive with the flag 'stored only in the cloud, no copy on this machine' set.


You're fired for misuse of company resources, by the way 😉 

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