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Help installing new HDD win 10


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Hi, My ML10v2 has been serving me well for a few years now. I am using all the sata ports, and wanted to add a larger drive: remove the existing 3tb from port 6 and install a new 5tb.  Things have gone crazy.


Whenever I put the new empty drive in, the system including win 10 just see the old drive, with the folders etc which obviously aren't there. I have gone into spp and reconfigured the array (of 1 disk in raid 0) on port 6 so at least the HP part of the system recognizes it as a 5tb drive.


However in windows disk management it insists it is a 3tb drive. I cannot see how to initialize it or get it rescanned on windows. It is blank so there is no issue with it being formatted etc.


I have attempted to initialize the 5tb disk on a different windows 10 machine then drop it into the ml10v2, but that just stops it booting, and HP storage Array tells me the entire 5 disks are unallocated. Pulling the 5tb drive restores order.


Any tips on how I can get the 5tb new drive to work on my system?  

Putting back the old 3tb drive and everything works fine.



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Well I appear to have solved it by installing a m1015 I had lying around. Seems to work fine although I am unsure as to transfer speed.

Given the hdd was working in everything else I suspect either a windows problem or a combo of HP and windows.


The M1015 allows me to delay spinup a few seconds that that should take the load off a bit a I now have 5 3.5" drives loaded up as well as a 2.5" and ssd.




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