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Firmware update via USB or CD


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Hi there,


I'm going through a bit of pain at the moment and I'm hoping someone here can give me some help.


Is there a way to boot from a CD and update the Firmware on a HP Gen 8 MicroServer?


I have a few of these in my lab and run ESX on them. I've recently tried to update my hosts to VMware ESX 6.7. After a bit of faffing I managed to 3 of my hosts up tio 6.5 and 1 to  6.7.


It turns out the 3 are on older BIOS Versions so I thought I'd update them. Now due to me having had these for years the ILO key has expired and I don't want to by ILO keys to update the hosts.


Is there a quick way to update the firmware via booting off a CD or USB Key?


Any help greatly appreciated!





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Just generate new ilo licenses. They are free just as long as you do not require post boot console access.

If you really want to use external media I’d suggest preparing a bootable usb stick with a little program called rufus: https://rufus.akeo.ie/

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How do you generate "new" ilo licenses? When I tried, I got a license that had I'd already applied.

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