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Is WHS 2011 Still Viable

Don W

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I have two servers at home, my main server is WHS 2011, and I back it up to a Linux server which is OpenMediaVault. I have been reading that WHS 2011 is unsecure and wondering what everyone thought? I do not use WHS 2011 backup service, I only have a shared folder that I created and use Windows 10 File History to store backups into that directory. I also store photos, music, movies and other stuff on the server. I tinkered with Server 2012 but did not like the whole domain thing. Anyways, Thoughts????

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While the major corporations would like to persuade us that they introduce vast improvements to their products every year, to which we should  subscribe and pay annually …

… the old-fashioned model of buy-own-maintain_properly_for_as_long_as_it_lasts is still by far the cheapest … and probably the most stable.




As the decades go by major improvements do appear and are worth testing, preferably mastered before having to be rushed into service following a crash! So I think you might investigate:


- ReFS (via the Windows Pro for Workstations edition)

- the Stablebit product line

- possibly others

to see if they are your thing.

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I still have my WHS2011.


I've got so many things going on in there that for several years now, I have procrastinated moving to Windows Server 2012 or 2016 Essentials. For one, I would never want or need for family members to be a member of an active directory domain. And even if there's a workaround, thinking about it just adds to my procrastination.


If there's one feature in WHS2011 that I probably can't live without, is the client PC backup. The ability to do bare-metal recovery has saved family members from frustration more than once and there doesn't seem to be any other 'free' equivalent product that is as simple to setup as the WHS Launchpad. I know that 2012 and 2016 Essentials have them too, but again, the necessity to either do AD or work around it just adds to the complexity, IMO. 


WHS2011 support ended two years ago but I'm still going to stay with it for the time being until Windows Server 2008 approaches end of support or until I gather up the courage to move everything to 2016 Essentials.

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