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"soft" reboot hanging with POST 418C


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Good day,


 Recently my N36L started to hang at POST after a soft reboot, ie. Alt-Control-Del, linux reboot, etc. but it boots fine when power off-power on.

Always with code 418C at the bottom corner.


Google, etc. have given me nothing. Anybody with some information what this 418C means?
(It *might* be related to me adding a firewire adapter to the machine, but I'm not sure yet and a bit of a challenge to remove that to proof the hypothesis)



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Hi - Belated but maybe slightly useful to someone else, as the Internet is very short of mentioins of 418C on a Microserver. The manual is particularly annoying, referring you to a "POST codes and beeps" section that doesn't exist. Thanks, HP.


My N36L sticks on 418C when I've got an LSI 9207-4i4e SAS card in it that has been disabled in firmware by a prior owner. Which is very annoying as I don't have another PC-shaped-object around to try and fix it. So it seems to be at the "checking PCIe objects" part of POST. Perhaps you have a card that isn't getting reset properly at soft reboot?



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