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HP Gen8 HP smart B120i without licence


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I have "new" HP MS Gen8 with HP smart RAID B120i. CPU G1610T, factory date cca 2016(?)

I cant use  FREENAS with software raid (as on my old BlackCube) because my G8 colect my HDDs to RAID at all AHCI BIOS/Setup configurations

Whan I try use F5 to disable RAID, HP app Smart Store Administrator show me message:
"No licenses found on the selected controller."

viz pictures

HP Smart Store Administrator show me "0 Physical drivers" (3x WD 4TB + 1x WD 3TB, all HDD3,5" NAS ware 3.0)
and in Freenas I can see one "disk" 7,7TB ... :-(

I used directly connected LCD and keyboard for elininated  iLO trouble.
Box is out of HP warranty.


q1: Do you have some idea about restore Raid Licence ?
q2: How eliminated Smart Raid function?
q3: Exist any HP or community firmware to convert B120i as only AHCI mode without Raid functions ? 



thanks for every useful advice 

20180508_193102 main SSA 800.jpg

20180508_204828 no licence_800.jpg

20180508_204850 Error messages 800.jpg

20180508_193117 no hdd_800.jpg

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Welcome to the forums!
There is no license required to use the B120i. On boot you need to enter the BIOS setup and change the SATA controller from B120i to AHCI. Are your drives empty? Where are you booting FreeNAS from?

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It is my first G8.

I used 3x WD 4TB + 1x WD 3TB, all HDD3,5" NAS ware 3.0 i the time when i created screenshots.

SmartStorage Administrator show the same at RAID mode and at AHCI mode, viz pic. files.


Freenas v.11 Boot from on-board USB .


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If you set the BIOS to AHCI, the SSA utility will not be available. If you can access SSA you are not running AHCI. Can you take a picture of the screen where you are changing to AHCI?

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