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BSOD unknown reason


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Hi HHS forum guys and girls:)


I have a mint install of whs v1 after a loooong line of troubles with my homebuild, now everything looked like it was running good, but I noticed that after a short while (think 30 + min, but less than an hour) it reboots, and I check the event log where it says the previous shutdown was not unexpected, the feedback box pops up and I sent in the feedback which also opened IE where it says there was a blue screen error.


So to verify that this is not a hardware problem I have run prime95, but I got the same bsod after about 5 hours of running prime95, no errors shown in that time period from prime95.


How can I figur out what is wrong? My thinking is that it is a driver, but don't know which one.


for a list of previous errors on the system see: previous post


My system consists of:


AMD athlon 64 x2 5000+ @ 1,8 GHz with one pin broken(which seems to affect cool and quiet, but nothing else)

DDR2 4 x 1 GB PC2-6400 Corsair value RAM

DFI Lanparty 790gx-m2rs

Cheep power supply 400 W(think this could cause such an issus?)

10 drives only 3 attached and powered.

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Guest no-control


Cheep power supply 400 W(think this could cause such an issus?)



I don't think its software/driver related


I would start here. Power fluctuations will definitely cause BSOD especially if you're getting a memory errors. swap out with a decent and sufficiently sized PSU.


After that start trouble shooting your components.


Swap out single RAM sticks to verify each stick is good. If no errors, try running it with just 2 sticks see if that works. Running RAM in all 4 slots usually requires matched sets or speed decrease. Using all 4 can cause saturation and cause a system to BSOD.


If everything still craps out its possible the CPU is the culprit. Make sure cool n quiet is disabled on the mobo or swap out for another CPU



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Make sure cool n quiet is disabled on the mobo or swap out for another CPU.

Just out of curiosity, why disable C&Q?

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I agree with no-control and that this is not a driver issue, this hardware. I would definetly start with a different PS. I have had several Thermaltake supplies give me these issues. Of course do the memeory check that no-control suggested as running 4 sticks (assuming that they are identical) is tricky. Once you rule out the memory and power supply, you are left shopping for a new motherbard and cpu and personally I would wander away from the older AMD stuff.

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I am in the process of testing another psu, memmory I have had some trouble with in the past in that i would not post with 2 channels in operation, but will test memory.


I am testing using prime95 with 1024 MB allocated memory in stress testing mode.


thank you for your reply

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I agree kermi,


What are the procedures for that?


I have just looked in the event viewer and saw the bsod as a reason for the shutdown.


Oh fsck me... there goes my post. Anyway, second try:


Download and install Debugging tools for windows. That's a link to the 32-bit installer on my webspace. It's a bit older release, as the current one is bundled with Driver Developement Kit and you need to download loads of extra stuff just for the debugger.

You can also get it from the official Microsoft page.


There are some tutorials on how to use windebug, here is one.


Google search for "debug BSOD" will yield results.


But as it's explained on the link, it's basicly: Install debugging tools, configure symbol resolution, load the crash dump file and hit !analyze -v

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