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Help a Surface geek out with a BIG surface

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I recently got a surface V2 off of ebay and am looking for some some help.


By surface V2 I mean the big surface V2 the 39" Samsung SUR40



It didn't have the original disks but I got Windows 10 working on it.


unfortunately I only have the computer portion so I don't have it the legs that go with it.  I need a way to get this to look nice to be a coffee table computer.  it does have vesa mounting points.  I have young kids so I do want to attach it to a table (even though its about 80 pounds and likely wont move)


There is a mounting guide but I don't have woodworking skills, but I'm willing to try.




Anyone have any ideas?

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The examples are beautiful.  I think I would go for trying that first photo in the PDF.  You can get generic table legs too.  Why not give it a shot? You could practice on a some junk lumbar and then pick up something nice.


Have you tried anything yet?

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