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ProxMox, MDADM, Lost Raid after Reboot


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Hi all


I have two microservers: a Gen 10 and a Gen 8.


Decide to rebuild both and the Gen 8 went fine, the Gen 10 has an annoying issue.


I am using ProxMox VE and so, am using MDADM to create the raids (in this instance RAID5).


Using the instructions at https://www.petermstewart.net/proxmox-software-raid5-on-hp-microserver-gen8/ I have got /dev/md0 RAID drives running happily.




The Gen10 on reboot loses the raid array everytime.


I can get it back with the following code:


mdadm --create --verbose /dev/md0 --level=5 --assume-clean --raid-devices=4 /dev/sd[b-e]

(my drives are sdb, sdc, sdd, sde)


When I run 


update-initramfs -u -v

(Update, verbose mode)


A few times I was told the UID doesn't tally between mkconf and mdadm.conf sort this out.


A few other times I was told there was no issue at all.


For each outcome above, rebooting leads to the same result: no /dev/md0 


I create a file on /dev/md0 (simple text file) and every time I 'recreate' /dev/md0 it's still there.


Now, by running the mdadm code above everytime I reboot, I can access and use the RAID drive, but it's bitty and I want to get this sorted, it's annoying me.


Any ideas? Is it a uniquely Gen10 thing?

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Are the drives that are dropping, just the four in the front bays? At one point in time I think Proxmox had issues with Marvell controllers like the 88SE9230 used in the Gen10. I would look into that.

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Sorry for the delay.


I can access them if I re-run mdadm and ignore the disk states.


On reboot the four at the front (not the ssd I have to boot off) are lost and the /etc/fstab settings don't work.


Thanks for the headsup SD.

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