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Is it worthwhile to keep on using whs 2011

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Hi I built a home server many years ago since win 98 then vail now 2011, but now the family has grown up and moved out and streaming services are becoming better itsits and gets used maybe once a week just to check updates and the like. Now it used to be a audio video server with all my discs having been ripped to it and a tv server, but now tv cards sold and it just sits as a document and photo back up mainly, so thought about turning it into a nas but don’t know, any help ?


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Sounds to me like you should leave the machine just as it is.

A NAS was originally a special purpose PC dedicated to storage ...

... but to justify their high prices NAS vendors added on all sorts of bits and pieces turning it back to a PC!

Your machine is already effectively a NAS.


A point I keep making on this forum is that streaming is a low bandwidth operation, well within the capability of the puniest wireless setup. CD quality audio needs only 1Mbs, 4K video maybe 15Mbs. That's why internet streaming is now possible but it has long since been so on a home network ... which might actually be wired 1Gbs!


Having cheap dedicated storage server(s) and playing back via cheap streamer(s) [audio, video] is a cost-effective architecture.

I drew a block diagram for a more elaborate project which contains this configuration in the nearby Converged 10G Home Storage Network thread (won't let me paste a link here for some reason) Critique My Build. 

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