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Problems with 250W Seasonic SS-250SU Power Supply


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Hi Guys. Wonder if anyone bumped into same problem. I bought this replacement power supply (actually from ebay) to bump up the wattage



hocked things up (iLo works) but then when I press Power button server goes on and then immediately off with blinking red light with

log message System Power Fault Detected XR: 20.... etc

I hook up original PSU back everything work fine. From the ATX power connector I can see there is some difference in wires. Original PSU doesn't have any blue

wire. There is also a pair brown+ orange wires in the original PSU going into one connector and

on Seasonic there is a pair of two orange wires going into another connector. Basically, I can see small difference. 


It may be a faulty PSU but I give it a 10% probability. Does anyone know what the heck is going on with these? Is HP flipping some wires on PSU to confuse things?  



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Was typing on my phone and missed a few things. The connector I'm talking about is a 24pin one (the main one on the motherboard). Again I doubt that PSU is bad. Wondering if there is some sort of 24pin converter for flexATX to HP. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction.

Thank you guys

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