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How to get Cryptocurrency without mining or buying a thing


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JSE Coin (JSE)



Java Script Embedded coin started as a way for publishers to embed a small miner into websites and have their readers slowly mine using the browser.  Some bad players in the industry caught on and hacked sites (not using JSE methods) to mine Ethereum and were crashing PC's, overheating laptops, etc.

JSE is different in that it doesn't use a lot of resources.  It's not on this website BTW but if you want to test it you can go to this URL: https://homeservershow.com/miner/ and it will load up.  Only while on that page.  


Here is the cool part.  You don't have to be a publisher to earn JSE Coin.  Use the referral link and we will both get a little free coin and you can mine via a browser window to YOUR OWN wallet.  When you get signed up you will have a dashboard that has a mining tab. Start the mining and leave that page open. Go to sleep, leave it on a spare PC, whatever. Earn!


Further coolness with JSE?  You can purchase things TODAY with your JSE Coin.  Check out this post for more information: 



Brave Browser and the Basic Attention Token (BAT)




This one is new to me but the coin is not.  BAT Coin may sound funny but it is a serious "ALT" coin.  



Look at the movement in just one day!

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 3.23.58 PM.png


We all need to get into this and now!  It's pretty easy really.

Use this link: https://brave.com/hom691


There you can download a browser and use it every once in a while.  It will pay me in BAT so I can pay the hosting bills, etc.  You can also get into Brave if you are a creator.  Even if you don't want to use the browser, sign up, and we will both get started in BAT with some referral bonuses.  This is how we will pay the bills for RESET and HSS Forums.  Thank you!

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 3.25.33 PM.png



This graphic says it all.  Monetization has changed with the advent of ad blockers.  I used to get a nice revenue stream when you clicked links and purchased goods but that has all but dried up with these blockers.  That's ok though!  A lot of folks have whitelisted this site and it still helps immensely.  I love these new ideas like this however.


Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 3.35.10 PM.png


Electroneum (ETN)


Electroneum, or ETN, wants to be a micro payment system for games, add-ons, mobile payments, etc.  They have an app to get you started and when you download, install, and use my referral code you will get free ETN.

The app, will do it all for you.  Create and maintain a wallet, and mine coins for you.  Let's start with the app.  Android first and iOS later.



Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 3.15.17 PM.png


Within the ETN app you can scan the barcode or use the Code: 34A455


I totally geek out over these technologies.  You have to do very little and it supports the creators that you come back to time after time.  You don't have to commit, pay out of your wallet, or even think twice about it!  Try one of these for me.


If you want to do it the old fashioned way you can always donate directly.  Cash works!  http://patreon.com/davidmccabe


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