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Client to Server Backup


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Currently have N40 which I used to backup my laptop to using Crashplan (as well as to Crashplan cloud), replaced Crashplan with Backblaze when CP removed consumer backup, but BB does not have a local backup.



Have a Gen8 which I am in the process of transitioning to and would like to have local/lan backup of my laptop (plus other PCs) to my server.


I have previously tried Cobien, but had issues with it backing up over a network, constant fails.

Also looked at rsync, but concerned it is very old and unsupported.



Can someone recommend software I could run on my laptop to backup to my server, would be ok with software on server to receive backup as well.


Note: I realize this isn't strictly a Gen8 issue, but as this is far and away the most popular forum I thought I'd try my luck here.


Thanks for any help/advice people can offer.

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If your laptop is Windows 10 why not use the inbuilt solution?


Create a shared folder on the Gen8 and target that for backups.

Thanks for your reply, but I used to use File History, but stopped for two reason, one (unless I was using it wrong) after being switched on it didn't backup a file unless I modified it,  so used files got backed up, but files I wanted to backup but didn't modify didn't, and two, it stopped working, unexpectedly and without any warning, and I didn't notice for months, luckily I didn't need to use it to restore files.

This is a known problem, and I didn't find a way to fix it.


I was looking at EaseUS Todo backup https://www.easeus.com/backup-software/personal.html

looks like it might do what I want, need to test it first though.



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