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Microserver Gen10 Marvell Raid Controller Email Notification


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Hello everyone,


I currently stuck on a issue regarding Marvell Raid Controller email notification. I'm using Centos V7, and installed the rpm "Marvell_MSU_Linux_v4.1.0.2032" from the HP Webseite.
On the Marvell Raid Utility webview, I tried to configure the Email Notification option. The Problem there is, whenever I try to send a test email to my gmail account I get the error for port 587 saying:„Unable to connect with TLS encryption “ or when I use port port 465 I get: „Unable to find the socket transport „ssl“ – did you forget to enable it when you configured PHP?“.
I already played around with the php.ini file but couldn't find any solution yet.
For any hint or information I would be really thankfull.

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