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RESET 45 - Eero Out, Orbi In, DriveSpace, and What Crypto I'm buying.


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Great podcast!  I think you got energized by your Spring Break.

A few quick  comments:

Did you see that JSEcoin gave everyone a minor heart attack?  After hearing you talk about it, I played around with it briefly then ignored it.  Came back to look at my account and saw a huge increase in the number of coins.  With much disbelief (no way I could have mined that much or hit a bug in their software) finally found a post from the about devaluing the coin by like 300 to 1.  Talk about cardiac shock!

Eero "gateway" - I've noticed that the designated Eero node changes randomly.  I've gone back and forth with tech support after they initially told me some things about the gateway that just didn't make sense.  The last email they said the gateway moves around but it doesn't make a difference.  Eero's will find the best path for clients and connections automatically.

Not sure I believe that, but nonetheless, I run Eero in bridge mode with almost all the AP's wired in.  I would suggest any power user do the same - use the newer mesh hardware, but hardwire them as much as you can and keep them in bridge mode with a real router running the show.  (I use an extensive list of DHCP reserved addresses so I would never let Eero or any other emerging AP handle my routing.  I don't like punching in long lists over and over when the device crashes or needs a nuclear reboot and setup.)

I love your "explanations" of why you haven't had time to install the Ring.  Like the old farmer that can't repair the roof when it is raining and doesn't need to when it isn't.

You are right about one thing - the real cost of a video doorbell is the installation and integration, not the product cost.  So I would suggest you "show Ring the door" and deploy a Nest Hello instead.  As much I'm not really a Google fanboy, I've been testing the Nest Hello and it is truly a step beyond everyone else.  It is not a "me too", Johnny-come-lately doorbell.

What I like - in addition to being able to see the view feed on your Amazon Echo Show ("Alexa, show the front door"), which Ring I think can also do, it has the unique (for now) ability to use any Google Home device as a remote ringer.  I bought a Google Home Mini with a Genie mount just for this purpose and plugged it into an outlet in our kitchen.  Now it "rings" through the Google Home Mini along with announcing "Robert is at the front door".

And that's the key - the facial recognition, not just the animal/mineral/vegetable (person or not-person) basic detection of other products is a game changer.  You do need the subscription, but for a doorbell it is only $5 a month at the minimum level.

It might handle your back door / front door alert requirement, but I haven't tested more than one so I don't know if each doorbell can route the alerts separately.


The Nest app is really good - the video review timeline features and the web based interface to define custom motion detection zones that are arbitrary shape, not just rectangles, is both fun to use and very useful.

OTOH, if that feature is really important to you, the DoorBird is one of the few video doorbells that has a "storey call" interface which lets you connect a secondary doorbell button (just a regular button).  That is designed for a side door or rear door.  ("Storey call" is a European term for butler or delivery door entrance bell.)

DoorBird also has a relay for operating an electric gate or door latch, but although DoorBird is the only video door bell with a full API that includes an ONVIF video feed, I really don't recommend them anymore (price and features are no longer competitive in other areas).

Let's face it -us techie types usually have two choices - buy the top-of-the-line best product or hack something together ourselves that is virtually free and unique.  For doorbells, I think Nest Hello is the purchase option and for a zero or low-cost approach, I would take a Wyze $20 camera (awesome video quality), weatherproof enclosure,  and maybe a Fibaro button or a Logitech Pop button and hack my own solution.  Ring falls through the cracks as it doesn't fit either way now.

Sorry, not so quick a comment.  If I had more time I would have written a shorter post :-)


Oh, I'm playing with a total Rube Goldberg hack that extracts a video feed from the Nest Hello (or any Nest cam) and feeds into any NVR with an RTSP feed.  Gateway via HomeBridge and it actually shows up on my iPad as a HomeKit compatible IP camera.  I wouldn't rely on it, but fun "science experiment".

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Great follow up and comments.


I saw the JSE announcement and forgot to warn everyone.  It's now "x200."  So whatever you got, times it by 200, and you are now richer!  We wish, but I like their reasoning behind the move.  Their valuation reminds me a lot of TRTL Coin and their whitepaper.




I didn't know that about eero and I've never had the gateway move around as such.  If I had seen that at anytime I would have been back to bridge mode in a heartbeat, as well as not subscribing to the Pro tools, or whatever the add-on is called.  I may look back at it in bridge mode as I was thinking of activating the Synology router again but the Netgear is performing well so far.  The last time I had it active I was having "fringe" issues.


Ugh, Ring vs. Nest. I have heard the Nest quality is better but I am hoping that the Ring Pro will be improved with features to more integrate it with Amazon Echo and Echo Show.  I hope it is not in a future device but we will see.  I have ordered a couple of power supplies in order to fire up the two that I have.  I may "install" them in a controlled lab environment and then trouble shoot with the Niles DBI-2 interface.  If it goes south, I'll probably dump the Nile interface for a plug in ringer.


I can't do anymore "slapped together" installs as they are starting to catch up with me and cause more trouble than they were worth in the first place.  I'm either going to shell out the cash to do it right or weather the storm until a better solution comes along.  I say that now but inevitably I'll have some duct tape and a sensor in hand come next week.

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I have always known that Nest cameras are far superior to Ring or anyone else, but until I tried it, I was avoiding them because of the higher cost.

The HDR mode and higher resolution (allowing for a digital zoom) that Nest uses is significant advantage over Ring and others.


At the end of the day, camera technology, cloud computing, and AI are Google’s unfair advantage over Ring and everyone else and it really shows in the new Hello doorbell.

It is a lot easier for Nest to fill-in and add-on to what they have and with their new security product they have shown that.


OTOH, For Ring and competitors to up their game in their camera tech and cloud./AI features is going to be much harder.


I agree with you about lashing together versus ready to go and that’s why I have circled around come back to Nest while initially going the ONVIF / NVR piecemeal approach.

Maybe yet someone else will best both of them, but right now Nest has put themselves back on the map.


Amazon is still in spaghetti mode (they bought Blink so they have three different camera lines now) and. I just don’t want to be the buyer that picks the product(s) from Amazon that don’t stick to the wall and they decide to abandon in favor of others.


Also, Amazon software is horrible - the Alexa App is still trash and really holds back the Echo eco-system from being a primary solution instead of a voice add-on/overlay to other control systems.  On the hardware side, they chose Zigbee and ignored Z-wave so again they missed out on having a real consumer hub solution to challenge smart things, wink, or others.

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