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Building New NAS N54L


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Hi all,

I have a HP Proliant N54L and am about to start building my NAS box. I'm a bit new to it all and have never built anything like this so looking for as much advice/guidance as I can get so I get it right the first time and dont make a big mess of it. 


Current details are:

  • 4x3TB WD Red drives
  • Going to buy a 5th one (Convert the CD ROM Drive)
  • Thinking to do RAID5 to get backup against failure (hence 5th drive) 
  • Upgraded the RAM to 8GB


I will do the BIOS hack to give it full SATA speed. 


Should I be buying something like:

  • HP P410 SAS Raid Controller to do the RAID 5 with? 


Thinking to run OMV on it as my NAS OS. 


Any thoughts, suggestions, tips, improvements, etc? 

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I would recommend reviewing and deciding how you want to configure OMV. Are you going to boot OMV from SSD or USB? As for storage, most OMV users present drives to OMV and use software RAID. The four SATA ports connected to the front bays are 3Gb/s. The odd SATA is 1.5G/s. The hacked BIOS should bring the odd SATA up to 3Gb/s. With two PCIe slots there are lots of options. As for disk I think you can fit two 3.5 drives in the 5.25 bay, but you could also fit four 2.5 drives in the 5.25 bay. 5Tb 2.5 drives are not the fastest, but they would let you fit a lot of capacity in a small space. If you go with six to eight data drives you may want to add a SATA/SAS controller like a LSI M1015. Lots of options available.

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Thanks for the reply.
I already have most the drives. I shouldn't need more than five total to be honest. That's a ton of storage.
I am going to run OMV from a USB drive so will have all five SATA free for storage.
My friend who's a hardware server buff has advised I doubt bother with RAID5 as it's extremely outdated.
I shouldn't need to worry about adding later drives so just want optimum config for five drives for mainly movie and tv show storage. My personal real data will be backed up to an external 2TB USB drive attached to the server so I'll have a full clone of it.
The only thing I would risk losing would be movies and I can always reaquire those.

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