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ESX 6.5 SSD in ODD Lost access to volume


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I'm running ESX 6.5 with b120i in raid modus. I have 5 disks, 4 HDD in slot 1-4 and 1 SSD in slot 5 in the ODD bay. All are configured as RAID 0 single disks.


I have the 4 HDD's mapped with pRDM to an XPenology VM. And I'm using the SSD as VMFS volume. ESX itself is installed on a USB disk.

I have a problem that when there is high load on the SSD, that it disconnects.


If I create a new VM, with a thick provisioned disk eagerly zeroed, it can't complete. It will lose connection to the disk. Sometimes the disk comes back online, but disconnects again in some seconds.
But most of the time I need to reboot the server. If I create a thin disk and install an OS (Ubuntu server or Windows 10), then the same behavior occurs when installing the OS.


I have a running WIndows 10 VM, If I copy from the Windows VM towards the XPenology, I get write speeds of +-200MB/sec towards the XPenology. If I copy from XPenology to my Windows 10 VM, the copy starts at 200MB/sec drops immediatly to +-90MB/sec and after a minute it will fluctuate between 40MB/sec and 2MB/sec.

If I run crysteldiskmark on the WIndows 10 VM, I get normal values.



If I look at the ESX graphs, I can see high maximum latency values. If the disk disconnects the values are 40000+.



I replaced the processor a month ago, by a Xeon 1260l, I had the standard celeron 1610. So now I have the power to run move VM's, but I'm not able to create additional VM's. :(  I think the issue was there already before, but not very noticeable because I had only a few VM's running and had not the processor power to run additional VM's.
But I have seen the warning about detoriated IO latency before the processor upgrade. 


What I have done so far:
- upgraded from ESX 6.0 to 6.5, problem still exsists.
- downgraded hpvsa to
- reinstalled ESX 6.5 with VMware-ESXi-6.5.0-Update1-6765664-HPE-650.U1.


Specs of the MS:
- Xeon 1260l
- 12 GB RAM
- 512GB Micron C400 SSD
- 4*3TB WD RED


I'm a bit running out of options here. I have ordered new sata cable, to replace the sata cable to the SSD. But I think my SSD is dying. Anyone here with some experience. Should I replace the SSD? 

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When it comes to running xpenology on ESXi, I still find it is best to run the xpenology drives on a LSI controller that supports JBOD and passthrough the controller to the xpenology VM. On a MS Gen8 this would allow you to connect your SSD's to the first two ports of the onboard SATA controller for 6Gb/s support.

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