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Gen8 RAM Issues - HELP!


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Apologies if posted before but a weird one I’m hoping someone can help me figure out (probably bought the wrong ram! 😒)


Stock Gen8 with Celeron G1610T CPU & 4GB RAM (

Upgraded to

e3-1256L v2 with 65w HP Heatsink

Offtek 16GB (2 x8GB) DDR3 1600MHz 2R x8 ECC 


Offtek ram was bought sometime ago and registered fine in bios with the celeron.


Since upgrade of cpu & heatsink - the RAM slot closest to heatsink just doesn’t want to work. Tried swapping ram modules around. Single slots used. The slot furthest away from heatsink seems to work fine with all ram modules.


See pictures of failures and ram used. 


The bios jut seems to loop around at 30% when Any ideas??DC9FD736-712D-43BD-A72B-8289EB02058E.jpgB6A3ED2D-E520-4648-B99E-946204E0C703.jpg





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Hi, I see you have a version of the old bios (J06-2014) that does not have Xeon support.
You have to reinstall the celeron CPU then update the system bios with the latest version, when you are finished trying to install the Xeon CPU.

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Hi, I see you have a version of the old bios (J06-2014) that does not have Xeon support.
You have to reinstall the celeron CPU then update the system bios with the latest version, when you are finished trying to install the Xeon CPU.

I think ill have to swap out cpus again and try again today. Thank you all for now. Fingers crossed 🤞🏾

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It is best practice to have the latest firmware/BIOS. You should be able to update BIOS from iLo: https://support.hpe.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=mmr_kc-0114521

I think all BIOS versions supported XEON. The late BIOS updates added support for certain i3 CPU.

Hi, I have checked the revisions of the HP bios. Xeon support is 2015.11.02 (A) (24 Oct 2016) 



I think updating the BIOS in any case is a good thing to circumscribe the problem...

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Ok so success. I switched back to the celeron and all was working. Then tried to update the bios via intelligent provisioning. No dice. Reinserted the Xeon. Booted fine and recognised cpu and ram. I’ll try again updating the bios somehow tomorrow now.


Thanks guys. I appreciate you taking the time to help me out

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