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N36 with non working 2nd disk slot - advice welcome


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Hi guys


I have an N36 here, which gets little use as I also have an N40.


I've found the 2nd disk slot isn't working - swapped disks etc - so its definitely a slot issue.


As we have the long Easter weekend coming up, I thought I'd get some suggestions / thoughts this week, before taking the advice and having a go at isolating and hopefully fixing the problem.


In terms of any investigation so far - I've had a look at the SATA connector with a bright light and that looks ok - but nothing more than that.


I've not forced any disks in or anything like that.


Anyone had a similar problem and resolved / suggestions on a good approach?


thanks. rt

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Remove the SFF-8087 connector from the motherboard and reinsert it to be sure it is firmly connected with no stress on the cable. With only a drive in slot 2 can you hear it spin up?

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Thanks for the quick reply Schoondoggy.


I've just tried a few things.


Put a single disk in slot 2 and it seems not to spin up. Its quite a noisy machine, so I also rested my finger tips on the disk - couldn't feel any vibration - so I'm reasonably sure it wasnt spinning.


I wasn't able to remove the connector initially - then remembered I needed a small tool last time I took the logic board out. Had another go & guess what - a reseat has brought it back :-)


So no need to be swapping N40 parts in at the weekend - excellent news - thanks vm (again) for the pointer.


One question - I'd assumed that connector was for data only. Which means I should've been able to hear / fell the disk spin up?


Edit to add below.


Btw this is exactly the reason I come here first - whenever I have a query / am stuck with something.


I've never failed to come away with useful info or some kind of helpful guidance.

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More thanks & small donation made :-)
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Glad to hear it worked out. I would expect it to spin up even with the data connection not connected, but some drives may not spin up without a data connection.

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