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I always let Windows Manage the memory. Seems to work best.

I've gotten in the habit setting it to a fixed file size as the first tweak after a new install. It's probably a hold-over from the days of 95/XP installations, but I haven't yet found a good reason *not* to do it. The main reasons I keep it up are that I like the idea of not having the swap space fragmented and having the file reasonably close to the start of the drive.

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I think I can eliminate the Raid rebuilding as it did this even when there was only 1 Velociraptor (no RAID), as to the Anti-Virus I am running Microsoft Security Essentials and nothing else, has anyone else seen abnormally high i/o usage from that?

From MSE? I've seen device drivers cause the main MSE process to generate high CPU. Never noticed if that also coincided with high I/O. I know others that have seen this, too. Device drivers, some random files, whatever. Who knows why? Doesn't happen all that often but when it does, it can be difficult to find the offending file.


*Assuming MSMPENG.EXE - the MSE process associated with high CPU - is the problem, I'd be looking at any recent hardware additions or changes, recent software installations, or recent software/file downloads that you may have not yet installed/opened. Those sorts of things. If you're having a tough time nailing it down, one thing you might try it is disabling all startups to see if that quiets the CPU. I'll say this about MSE. When it first came out, there were a number of high CPU issues reported. Since that time, I believe MS has solved most of them. But my most recent encounter with MSE tripping over hardware/device drivers was this past fall. So they're not quite there, yet.

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