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First Alert acquires Luma Mesh Wi-Fi


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I learned this at CES 2018 and First Alert didn't like it.  Didn't like it at all.  In fact, they brought over someone else for me to speak with so they could try to save face and hush me up.



Luma was once a darling in the Wi-Fi industry.  Well, all the way up to releasing their product.  It seems they couldn't fill orders fast enough and when they did the folks waiting the longest still stood empty handed.  It was feature short and owners and fans quickly realized it would be consumed by another product.  It didn't have the features or the customer service to keep up with companies like Eero and Netgear.  Fast forward to January 2018 and First Alert now is the proud owner of a mesh Wi-Fi company!  Can you guess what they will put in their smoke alarm next?


I ask the person I was handed off to, "Why no announcement?"  Answer, "We don't announce these type of things."  He air-quoted, "Corporate."  I grilled him more and encouraged an announcement if for anything, the people who have purchased Luma devices.  They deserve to know.  I got nowhere with First Alert.  They were not going to budge and politely asked me not to write it.  No scoop for you!  I like this company so I obliged.  Did they follow up? No. Did they thank me? No.  I don't need a thank you but I kept my word.  Well, I did call @jcollison to file the report with him so someone would believe me when the news finally did break.  I knew it would, but I made a promise to a company, and I kept it.


This is a good fit for Luma because as I stated earlier they were no match for their rivals.  I don't know if it is a good fit for their customers, early adopters, and fans however.  I sold my Luma gear so nobody contacted me telling me the roadmap.  Did they contact you?

It could be a better product now, I have no idea! I spoke with them at CES 2017 and they were excited for the new year but with reservation as they knew the road behind them was bumpy.  


But hey, now we can have a smoke alarm with Wi-Fi in it!   Let's just hope they don't do anything silly like put Alexa in it or make it a speaker.  




Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 11.50.38 AM.pngScreen Shot 2018-03-20 at 11.50.30 AM.png


Oh, guess I'm too late on that request.  I hear it sounds "Onederful."  All kidding aside, I like the idea of Wi-Fi in a product like this.  Their roadmap will bear that fruit.  I don't like "Alexa in the sky" and the sound of this speaker at CES was abysmal and will not compete with Sonos and all the new countertop smart speakers.  Maybe it was just show floor noise but let's hope they improve upon that sound.


They hurriedly packaged the Luma app into their own in order to demo the Wi-Fi enabled Smart Smoke Alarm Combo device.  So hurried in fact that they failed to remove a  Luma Logo.  Ya, busted.  I knew prior to that though.  I kept telling the demo person that this app looks familiar.  "Isn't this the Luma app I asked?"  Wow, did she freeze and stammer throughout the rest of the demo.  "This looks like the Luma app," I proclaimed, and then boom.  One little screen deep into the app. Luma Logo. BUSTED!!!


Not even a demo unit. You think they would at least send me a demo unit to hush me up!


There is a bright side for you Luma fans!  

You can get a 3 Pack for $99


Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 11.55.53 AM.png


Source:  Me, at CES 2018

These guys published first though. I kept my word.



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